Botched SMP Removal with the PicoWay Laser

Vancouver Scalp uses the PicoWay laser to safely and effectively lighten, adjust or completely remove unwanted or botched Scalp Micropigmentation. 

The #Picoway Laser targets pigment in the skin with minimal risk of scarring or damaging existing hair follicles.

Botched SMP removal typically requires 2-3 sessions of laser treatment spaced out 8 weeks apart.

Once the pigment is removed or lightened then scalp micropigmentation can be done again without any complications or damage to the existing hair follicles.

If you're unhappy with your existing SMP or if you'd like to make an adjustment to the hairline or darkness/density then laser tattoo removal might be the perfect solution.

Contact Vancouver Scalp to learn more about our SMP Removal Services. Book a free consultation to explore the options.

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