Online SMP Training Course by Billy DeCola - Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation

This Online SMP Training Course was designed for experienced tattooers, permanent makeup artists and existing SMP artists.

When I first started doing scalp micro pigmentation there wasn't much information available about this 'specialized tattoo' which creates the illusion of hair follicles. The more I tried to learn about this art form the more confused I got. I was reading about specialized needles, pigment and machines that were created specifically for tattooing the scalp. All of this info made no sense to me whatsoever.

Even as an experienced tattooer I found it very confusing. Why would there have to be special ink for the scalp? I've seen a million nice tattoos done on the head using regular tattoo ink. Was I missing something?

Then it dawned on me. Mostly everything that that I was finding about SMP was total BS! Total smoke and mirrors.

So I decided to completely ignore what I found online about SMP and over the years I developed my own technique. I realized that SMP is just a tattoo. Nothing fancy and nothing 'specialized' about it at all.

I've taught in-person SMP Training Courses at my clinic in Vancouver for several years. I've taught all levels from complete beginners to veteran tattooers.

As times are changing and SMP is becoming more popular I've decided to give back to the tattoo community by offering an affordable and comprehensive online course designed for experienced tattooers.

This course provides all of the tools necessary for a skilled artist to provide SMP with confidence.

The course is priced at $849 USD.

Learn the Art of SMP from an experienced tattooer.

Register before March 12th, 2021 to

take advantage of the Early. Bird. Special.

and save $100

* You will need basic tattoo equipment & tattooing or PMU knowledge to benefit from this training course.

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