SMP Repair in Vancouver

With the massive influx of Scalp Micro Pigmentation artists, and the opening of several new SMP clinics, we're seeing an increasing number of clients who've received less than desirable results from inexperienced providers.

Typical Botched SMP Cases:

Botched Density SMP Repair
Botched Density SMP

Botched Density: When the client requests density to create the illusion of a full head of long hair. When hair is present the SMP looks fine...but when the existing hair thins or falls out completely is leaves behind an unrealistic looking solid shade of black which, in most cases, must be treated with the PicoWay laser before repairing.

Botched Hairline
Botched Hairline

Botched Hairline: A botched hairline is a common rookie mistake. There are a number of reasons why a hairline can looked botched. The most common reasons are, a) the sketching of the hairline is completely off, or b) the scalp was overworked/oversaturated creating a 'helmet' shade. Both of the mistakes mentioned were made in the photo to the right creating a horribly botched SMP result. * Laser removal is underway to completely remove the existing SMP before repairing.

If you're unhappy with your scalp micropigmentaiton results and you want to either repair or remove your SMP then contact us to schedule a free consultation to find out which option would be best for your specific case.

We use the PicoWay by Candela to safely and effectively lighten, adjust or completely remove botched or unwanted SMP.

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