Vancouver SMP consistently delivers realistic results that stand the test of time. 



Em Gee


When I decided to go ahead with smp the choice was easy with who I would go to.


Billy is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to. He made me feel super comfortable in a situation that I’ve always been very self conscious about. He provides excellent customer service and will take care of you until you are happy.


I highly recommend Billy and am super happy I got it done from him, he’s the best in the business!


Billy is the quintessential professional. He is highly knowledgeable and is methodical in practicing the SMP process.


He communicates each step clearly and kept me abreast of exactly what to expect at each stage. His experience and understanding of SMP and tattooing is reassuring as this process is an investment.


Thank you Billy for making this such a positive experience and for providing me with the results that I have! I would highly recommend his work and services.

Suzanne Z.


Great atmosphere. Billy is a great guy, super knowledgeable and runs his own school so he’s the best around for this.


Highly recommended. Just go in for a consult and get more details.


I had a great experience with Billy. He caters for all of your needs and the end result was great. I highly recommend his services!

Sam Gil


Billy is amazing, For me it was an easy choice to go with him. His years of experience with SMP and Tattoos made me feel comfortable in the job he would do. He didn't disappoint.


I am very happy with the service he has given me. Very clean and private clinic as well.


5 stars to Vancouver Scalp, it was well worth the 8 hours of travel

Ricky M


I just completed my SMP session today with Billy. I wanted to improve my SMP from another artist . Words cant explain how thrilled I am with the results. It's exactly what I wanted from the beginning . He really cares for his clients and gives you the absolute best possible results .

My situation with balding is very unique in that I have diffuse thinning/ male pattern loss. Billy really listened to all my requests and he achevied exactly what I asked for. I now have a high level of density that can be worn with short or long hair.

Thanks again Billy!
I will be recommending family members to you

Alex Zade


I live in British Columbia so I searched online and found Billy at Vancouver SMP ! I checked out his website and read up on him . I noticed right away I recognized him from the tv show Miami Ink that I watched while it was on back a few years ago ? I called him up and we talked and within 10 mins I had booked my first session and im Happy to say im glad I Did ! I have since then finished my treatments and I am even more surprised at the end result then I had orig imagined ! I cant tell whats the real hair follicle and what isn't ? Its the most amazing thing to see ! Its like I am looking at my younger self that I hadn't seen in a long time ! Billy is very professional and personable and very easy to get along with ! He makes you feel very comfortable while in his chair !! I have seen allot of images of smp and I would go as far as saying im glad that Van SMP is as close as it is too me cause he is one of the best if not the Best in the industry ! Thanks again Billy for the experience and the Good Chats we had. Ill drop by down the road to check out your new bigger shop area youre building . You're the Man!

Neelima Sharma


Billy is very friendly, very skilled person. I look much better now. He delivered exactly what he promised me the first time when i met him. People have noticed the improved look after the treatment. Price is very reasonable for the quality of service he delivers. Highly recommended

Lorentz Armeanu


I started to lose my hair in my early 20's. I looked at every possible solution and eventually decided to give SMP a try. I was still not sure about it but I figured the least I could do is go to the consultation and give it a go. The reason I initially chose Vancouver Scalp Micro Pigmentation is because of the execellent reviews. I work in sales , so I know reviews are super important and can help when trying to find a business for whatever you are looking to do. Once the consolation was booked I was still unsure of the whole procedure, I met with Billy and he answered all my questions. He didn't try to sell me on anything or try to convince me why I should go with him, he simply listened to my concerns and answered every question I had with honesty. I decided right there and then that this was the way to go and Billy would be the one to do it. I booked in my first session , while still being skeptical , not in Billy or his work but just with how it would look on me. I've seen photos of the procedure but haven't talked to anyone who did it in person so I had a lot of anxiety and doubt while leading up to the first session. The first session arrives and I am still nervous heading in, once I arrive Billy explained what would happened and told me exactly what to expect after the first session and onwards with the second , third , and final touch up. After the first session you don't notice a huge difference , but that is normal, this is more of an outline session to get you acquainted with the procedure, Billy is very cautious and always takes the safe route with how dark the SMP is. The second session arrives which I awaited desperately knowing this was when you notice a bigger difference. I was speechless with how it turned out. At this point it was probably 70% done and I was over the moon with the result, even though there was still lots to be done to perfect the procedure. I was told it would fade a little bit which is normal , so I knew exactly what to expect. The third session was more of a touch up session , it didn't take that long and we just smoothed out all the faded areas and added more density. Once the third session was completed I was in complete awe of what a difference this made. All I can say to anyone who is thinking of doing SMP and is skeptical or worried with the outcome of the work Billy does, is just go for it! You will not regret it. Billy at Vancouver Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a master at his craft and is one of the best in Canada at this. If you are thinking of getting the SMP treatment Billy is the way to go and I would do it over again in a heartbeat!

Henry Cooper


Great place. they do an amazing job. Really taking their time making the best out of it! Thanks billy!

Lisa Vu


I had my first scalp micro pigmentation appointment done last week at Vancouver Scalp by Rachel and she was phenomenal. I am usually not much of a review writer but I felt that my experiences there were so great so far and that Rachel deserved the review. In recent years I started experiencing thinning in my hairline which causes me to be very self conscious about it. Because of this flaw I would be limited to the types of hairstyles I could wear. So I decided to finally do something about it, I found Vancouver Scalp online after doing my research and decided to go with them based on all the great photos and reviews. When I came in for the consultation, I was greeted by my artist Rachel. She answered all of my questions and concerns and made me feel more comfortable about the procedure because I was a little nervous at first. During consultation Rachel explained how the process and procedure was going to be like and what to expect. I decided to book with Rachel, not only was I more comfortable with a female artist but Rachel just made me more comfortable overall. So the first appointment comes up, of course I’m nervous! I came in, completed the paperwork and Rachel gave me another pep talk before we started. Through out the appointment Rachel kept on checking in with me to see if i was okay, we chatted away the whole session and it went by rather quickly yet I didn’t feel a thing (definitely not the pain I had envisioned it it be). Billy the owner came by to check up on us several times and even commented how great Rachel was doing. I like seeing that, it shows that everyone seems supportive of each other, doing what they love and having fun while doing it. So the reveal, the results are amazing and I couldn’t be happier, only first session and I can totally see that my hairline looks fuller and my scalp less visible. I was explain aftercare and we booked in for the next session. Thanks Rachel for your great work and chatting with me and keeping my nerves under control. Your the best! And I can’t wait for our next session. Only first session and I already feel more confident rocking my hair in different styles! I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting this service done to go with Vancouver Scalp, you won’t regret it. And book Rachel if you want a fun and soothing artist, she’s great!

Luca Alves


Got my SMP done by Billy here at Vancouver scalp micro pigmentation. He’s a great guy who always got back to me about rebooking and touch ups , he is dedicated at his craft and treats his customers well. Some of the best service I’ve ever received. Great experience and great guy, will definitely recommend to everyone, thanks again Billy!

A Naz


For the past 2 years I've been researching into SMP and went to multiple clinics for consultations to choose the right SMP technician in Vancouver and Toronto. From the moment I met Billy I could tell he was a veteran in the SMP indury, very knowledgeable and experienced. Communication is very important through out whole procedure and right from the beginning he set all the right expectations. I've had 2 sessions and a touch up session so far, I could not be any happier with the results. It has made a huge significant impact on my day to day lifestyle and changed the way I viewed my self. I'd highly recommend anyone considering SMP to check out Billy for a consultation. He is friendly and great to talk to! P.s He is a SMP trainer as well for anyone looking to get into the industry. His students had nothing but the best to say about the hands on training provided!

Michael Rauscher


I began doing my research about SMP months ago, researching all the providers in the Vancouver area. I ended up going with Vancouver Scalp, Knowing Billy’s experience set him apart from the rest. I took a chance and I must say Billy exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the service provided and I feel I was given the very best treatment money could buy! Thanks Billy!

Westmount Heating


I researched everything about hair regrowth, transplants and hair pigmentation. I found Vancouver Scalp online and decided to meet with Billy for a consultation. He is very knowledgable and honest and explained to me in detail how the procedure works. After even just one session, I couldn't believe the difference! Not only does it look completely natural, but it's virtually impossible to tell that its hair pigmentation. I am beyond happy with the results and would recommend Billy to anyone suffering from hair loss and baldness. After all the research I did on this, Billy truly is an artist at what he does. Thank you Billy!

604 AP


Today I got my SMP done at Vancouver scalp with Billy, he is an amazing Artist and amazing person. the level of the expertise and knowledge Billy has for SMP definitely gives you that confidence and trust in him .. I am very happy with my results and I would 100% recommend Vancouver scalp to anyone.

Donny Boy


I did a lot of research on several clinics that perform this procedure, none of them had any background in using tattoo machines, only Billy from Vancouver Scalp had the experience. I needed someone who worked around needles to do work on my head. Not just someone who bought the equipment and practiced on people. I am so glad I went with him, he guaranteed his work and given me a full head of hair, check out the results after a few session. Thanks man!



Just got my scalp micropigmentation procedure done by Billy DeCola at his private studio in Burnaby. Not only did he provide excellent service, he answered all my questions with great detail and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Also his studio is DOPE; clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. I have done a lot of research on this procedure, looked at all the instagram accounts of all the technicians and in my opinion Billy DeCola is one of the very best in Vancouver. Most importantly, his prices are very competitive and probably cheaper than most people. To be honest, I don't even know why he charges a little less than his competitors. His work is far superior than any one else. Also, he is fun to talk to.

Mike Cabaj


Coming to Billy was one of the greatest decisions I made that helped transform my hair loss battle into a victorious one. The process was quick and not as painful as imagined. Healing was fast and just after two sessions the results have been beyond what I had expected. With this treatment I was able to gain a new found confidence that required minimal effort at the end and was well worth the investment. Billy is trusting and truly a master of his craft. It was a pleasure working with him to achieve the best result possible. I would definitely recommend booking your treatments with Billy. Thanks for everything.

Yerika Ali


Such an amazing dude!! I visited Billy for Scalp Micropigmentation. Great service and expertise!!! I look like I have hair again!!! Highly recommend!

Daniel Bevan


I had my micropigmentation done by Billy and I am extremely satisfied by the work done, as well as his professionalism and knowledge. Would absolutely recommend, he is definitely as talented as his social media led me to believe.



I had my scalp micro pigmentation done by Billy. I am truly pleased with what he has done to my scalp. This has given me my confidence back. I highly recommend booking your treatments with him.

Hoda Samadi


Billy was very friendly, attentive, and quite thorough when he was performing my Scalp MicroPigmentation. He made sure that I was very comfortable throughout my time with him and was eager to answer any of my concerns. He ascribes to a high standard of care and cleanliness, making sure his instruments are both state of the art and fully functional. Billy sounded quite well-versed and knowledgeable in his field of work and many of his students seek his training to learn about his ethical practices. Thus, I felt very confident with his level of competency and I am so grateful that I had my Scalp MicroPigmentation performed under his supervision and care (instead of someone less competent). His staff were very hospitable too, which made for quite the friendly atmosphere to be in as well. The pics speak for themselves too. Looks very natural and realistic.