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Learn the art of Scalp Micropigmentation using an industry standard, proven technique


SMP Training Course

Scalp Micropigmentation is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry. Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation offers SMP Training to students of all walks of life who are looking to provide an increasingly in-demand service, restoring self-esteem and confidence to their clients.

The training program, designed by Billy DeCola, takes the experience he’s gained tattooing and providing SMP services for a decade and presents it in a hands-on, intensive course that not only covers the theory and mechanics behind scalp micropigmentation, but also teaches you how to support your clients through the experience.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Training Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of performing SMP procedures for all types of hair-loss on both men and women.

SMP Course Details:


Fee | $5,950 CAD  (includes SMP Kit)
Time | 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM (½ hr lunch)

2020 SMP Course Schedule

Vancouver, Canada

February 20th - 22ndfull

March 4th - 6th • full

April 2nd - 4th • cancelled

SMP Training Certification Modules

  • Preparing Your Client for SMP

  • Machine & Workstation Set-Up

  • Live Consultations

  • Mapping Out a Procedure

  • Safe & Sanitary Practices

  • Follicle Replication Techniques

  • Designing & Creating Natural Hairlines

  • Density Techniques for Men & Women

  • Skin & Hair Colour Matching

  • Scar Concealment & Blending

  • Fixing Botched Jobs

  • Aftercare & Touch-Ups


          ... and much more

Students will be given an in-depth look into Billy DeCola’s industry leading Scalp Micropigmentation 'Layering Technique' and will learn the specifics about SMP equipment, pigments, application and aftercare. 

You will be given the opportunity to work hands-on with live models, ask questions, observe and be observed, and get the overall training necessary to perform SMP procedures with confidence and precision.

  • Small class size (4 max) to maintain high quality & individualized attention

  • Hands-on training with both Synthetic Heads & Live Models

The Course consists of:

  • (4) hrs of home study online to complete Bloodborne Pathogens Training & Certification

  • (3) days of in-class instruction

  • (1) shadow day (upon successful completion of in-class training)

Training fee includes:

  • Bishop Wand SMP Tattoo Machine

  • Bishop Disposable Grips

  • Critical AtomX Digital Power Supply

  • Bishop Cartridge SMP Needles (various sizes)

  • 3 x Bishop SMP Pigment Set for all Skin Types


Canadian students who complete the SMP training course will be given a discount code for BishopSMP.ca where you may purchase SMP equipment, needles, pigments and aftercare products directly from the vendor.


Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will earn the following certifications:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • SMP Certificate of Completion


Excellent command of / high proficiency in, spoken and written English. 


Excellent fine motor skills (manual dexterity and precision are important in providing the client with a high quality service)

About The Instructor 

SMP Instructor Billy DeCola was among the first specialists to deliver scalp micropigmentation treatments in Japan, the United States and Canada. Billy has treated countless clients suffering from hair loss, thinning, scarring, and alopecia.

Billy's path to offering scalp micropigmentation services & training started with over a decade spent in the tattoo industry.


He was a cast member on season's 1 & 2 of TLC's hit reality TV show, "NY Ink" where he apprenticed under the world's most well known and talented tattoo artists.

During his early years Billy developed a strong technical foundation while learning the ins-and-outs of a fast paced, high volume Miami tattoo studio.

Over the years he has developed his own SMP technique which has grown tremendously in popularity. 

Billy is a member of the Bishop SMP Pro Team and is a proud Brand Ambassador for Bishop: the provider of the highest quality SMP tattoo machines, needles and pigments in the industry.

To register send an email to training@van-scalp.com

Kelly Brar - Student

I definitely recommend the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) training course offered at Vancouver Scalp. I appreciated the small class size which promotes hands-on time with clients as well as individualized attention to learning needs. Course content is very thorough, practical, and well-paced. The equipment and supplies that are provided to the students are of good quality and allowed me to get started right away once training was completed. Instruction is provided by Billy, who is an expert level SMP artist. He is fair, approachable, supportive, professional, highly knowledgeable, and incredibly experienced - all of which make for a great teacher. Billy DeCola provides a high quality service in a safe manner, and he is clearly passionate about and invested in his students doing the same. I learned so much and understand that it takes commitment [and A LOT of practice] to get to Billy's level, however I am confident that I am on the right track having invested in this course. 5 stars!

Stella Chamberlain - Student

I researched teachers and their techniques for over a year before deciding on going with Vancouver Scalp. I was not disappointed. Billy was a very hands on and detailed oriented teacher. If your looking to learn how to create the most natural look, this is the course for you.

Hoda Somadi - Model

Billy was very friendly, attentive, and quite thorough when he was performing my Scalp MicroPigmentation. He made sure that I was very comfortable throughout my time with him and was eager to answer any of my concerns. He ascribes to a high standard of care and cleanliness, making sure his instruments are both state of the art and fully functional. Billy sounded quite well-versed and knowledgeable in his field of work and many of his students seek his training to learn about his ethical practices. Thus, I felt very confident with his level of competency and I am so grateful that I had my Scalp MicroPigmentation performed under his supervision and care (instead of someone less competent). His staff were very hospitable too, which made for quite the friendly atmosphere to be in as well. The pics speak for themselves too. Looks very natural and realistic.

Andrea Castellanos - Student

The only thing I can say is that it was one of the best experiences for my career, I learned so much not only from SMP but also from friendship, thanks for everything you shared! excellent experience! The best SMP course in the world by far.

María José Vazquez - Student

It was the best course! I learned so much, we have so much practice and theory! I came all the way from Mexico to Vancouver to take the course and it was totally worth it!!!

Rita Corea - Student

Billy de Cola is an Incredibly knowledgeable trainer, and an extremely talented artist who is dedicated to his craft. If you are thinking of having scalp micropigmentation done or becoming certified in this field you truly won't find a more qualified individual!

Heather Gillett MUA - Student

I took the Scalp Micropigmentation course from Billy and I can’t say enough fantastic things about him and Rob! I wanted to learn from the best and I certainly got that experience. They delivered a mountain of knowledge and experience in a 3 day course! I can’t wait to offer this amazing service to my clients in Kelowna :)

antonio calaminos - Model

I found Billy deCola as very professional on his skills. Friendly and awesome guy. Highly recommended! SMP Training Course Model.

J Mc - Student

I took the 'Refresher Course' and I couldn't recommend it any more. Perfect if you have some previous SMP training. It's clear that unlike many, many people in the industry, the team at Vancouver Scalp actually know what they are talking about, and they practice what they preach. You just have to trust them - they know what they are doing! Delighted with the whole experience and would recommend it to anybody looking for either a training course or SMP. Thanks lads!

TheBarberkitty - Student

Billy DeCola has a wonderful ability to engage his students with detail oriented instruction. I was very impressed with the curriculum and attention to application. Billy was adamant and peticular about sanitary practices. His ongoing support in creating a plan and executing proper SMP services is invaluable.I highly recommend this training.

Peggy Kaltakis - Model

I’ve had female pattern hair loss for the last 10 years due to genetics and hormones. I was very self conscious about it and after years of using sprays and powders to cover the thinning area I started to do some research about how I could find a more permanent solution. I couldn’t be more thankful to come across Billy’s Instagram account. He was looking for female models for one of his training courses, so I emailed him and he replied immediately that I was the perfect candidate. I absolutely love the results of Billy’s work. I can not believe the difference it has made. I wish I had done this years ago! I am not as self conscious about my thinning anymore and the results are amazing. I’ve told everyone I know about Billy and SMP, how much it’s made a difference in my life and how great it feels. Thanks again Billy!! Your exemplary work has given me back my confidence!! You are truly the best!!

Zain Haq - Model

My hair loss started in my early 20's and had been worsening. I heard about SMP a couple years ago and began my research. I came across Billy and his clinic recently, and was excited to hear about his experience and results. I decided to enroll as a male model for his SMP training class (gave me a great discount) and eventually had 2 other SMP sessions completed. Though out the process he was considerate of me and made sure to answer all my questions honestly being realistic, with all the pros and cons, which I appreciated. He took his time with the students while making sure I was comfortable. In the 2 subsequent sessions, he worked with me and my vision, since I wanted to keep my hair a little longer than ideal. He also did scar concealment. Billy made sure we were both on the same page and used his expertise to ensure the best final product. Thank you for all the help, I'm happy with the result! Would recommend. Take care.

Josie Tran - Student

I got into this course not having any experience or knowledge in the tattooing or semi-permanent cosmetics industry. The three day course was intensive and impactful of information, Billy DeCola was a phenomenal instructor who made it so easy and fun to learn. Training is hands-on as of day one and with only a few of us it was very comfortable to ask questions and receive feedback from not only Billy but my other classmates as well. Vancouver Scalp also continues to provide any support or feedback even after certification so that you are well prepared. I have never loved a class so much, definitely hope to learn more from him in the future and looking forward to building a new career from this.

Rachel Ng - Student

I usually don’t write review for anything but this deserves a long detail review for people that is deciding on taking the SMP course. I called many places and did my research before I decided to go with Vancouver Scalp. I spoke with Rob on the phone, he really took the time to answer all my questions and was extremely helpful. The energy I got from them was awesome and informative by just speaking to them over the phone. TRUST ME! If you want to learn from the best, you go to them. Billy is very good at his job, he knows what he is doing from his many years of experience. He have a great personality which makes the class more fun. You are learning from Billy who does SMP all the time and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want to pick a place/school where they just sit you down and go through paperwork/notes the entire day. Billy will set you up for success and if you are good at it, you will become a good SMP artist. I’m very happy I went with them! :)

Samira Jamshidi - Student

He absolutely deserves this five stars rating. I took the S.M.P. Course with Billy. After a long time researching for the Best place to get trained . I’m very happy that I chose him since he is very professional ,perfectionist, knowledgeable and so generous to share all his experiences with students.the class is very fun and smooth. We received tons of informations only in 3 days with such a great experience of working on the actual models. Billy is very helpful and he kindly supports his students even after the course . Thank you Billy for being so nice and honest . There are definitely many more great things about you but I tried to keep it short. :)

Beauty by Em - Student

I had the pleasure of taking the SMP course with Billy and it was phenomenal. He is an owner operated business and the level of expertise and professionalism he offers is invaluable. He is attentive, honest, friendly yet professional throughout the intense 3-day training course. He carries a high standard for care. I can go on and on about the great experience I had with Billy, but I will say, I initially came into this course with a buildup of nerves and am now confident to start this as an artist with confidence knowing that I have been equipped with the right tools and knowledge. I did my research and it paid off. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering to learn more about the SMP industry and the skills offered in this course.

Disclaimer: This is not, in any way, a tattoo school. You will not learn about traditional tattooing. This course is designed to teach the art of Scalp Micropigmentation – a form of permanent makeup for men and women suffering from hair loss.