SMP for scars

FUT / FUE hair transplant scars are concealable with Scalp Micropigmentation.


  • The top photo is a FUE Hair Transplant Scar

  • The bottom photo is a FUT Hair Transplant Scar


Both scars were quite visible before the treatment but were nearly undetectable after 2-3 sessions of SMP. 

The Scar Concealment Process


Concealing FUT or FUE hair transplant scars normally takes 2-3 sessions of SMP. Sessions should be spaced at least 10 days apart and touch-ups, if required, are done within 2 months of the final treatment.

There are several factors to take into consideration when concealing hair transplant scars. Each scar is unique and for that reason a consultation prior to undergoing treatment is required.


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